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"We hired Barbara Cortney Designs to help us with our move to a new home. We were downsizing and therefore had enough furniture to accommodate all our square footage. We found Cortney to be a pleasure to deal with; had a great eye for color coordination, and placement of furniture. Cortney took pictures of all our furniture before we moved, measured every piece, and made us a detailed diagram of the placement of every piece of furniture so that moving day was a little less stressful."

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Barbara helped us when we moved into a new (to us) house in Highland Beach. We repainted the entire house and removed old wallpaper. She helped choose colors taking our taste into account. We also re-did one bathroom and powder room and changed the kitchen work surfaces.

We also changed the flooring upstairs and re-carpeted one room and added built in furniture in the office and re-worked some existing bookshelves. She knew good suppliers and workmen and we were happy with all the results. She knew we had a budget and for the most part we were able to stay within the budget.

She also worked with us on window treatments and new furniture , always being careful to try to incoroprate our existing furnishings where possible. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Barbara Cortney Designs

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Barbara Cortney Designs have always been professional and accommodating. Barbara Cortney is an extremely talented designer who can mesh her talents with her client's taste to obtain the desired and excellent outcome. I would totally recommend her and her team.

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Barbara Cortney's magic transformed my ordinary home into the place of my dreams. She created a remodeling roadmap, guided me in selecting contractors, helped shop for materials and supervised all work from design to final product.

Barbara's savings far outweighed her costs. She helped me avoid expensive mistakes and checked every detail along the way to ensure all work was of the highest quality.

Besides being talented, meticulous and dependable, Barbara is a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm, support and humor turned a remodeling job into a fun adventure that ended in a beautiful new home!

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Barbara Cortney Designs Inc. was part of our team when we built our home. We had never built a home before and she was so very helpful in the design and decorating aspect. She really captured our taste and we enjoyed working with her very much. Her professionalism and knowledge of products is amazing. We are so happy we got to work with her and would work with her again if we redecorate or build again.

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On behalf of my father and myself I would like to take this moment to personally thank you for the tremendous effort that you put into our garage project.We all know this was not your typical design project and creating a home suitable for a collection of multi-million dollar, world-class, one-of-a kind automobiles requires a certain savoir-faire coupled with the right experience in the field.

All those who see the finished product are floored. The space that was created to house this collection is ideal because it is both complimentary and unique. The finishes are perfectly suited for the space and the results are spectacular. .. beyond what I even had imagined ... and as you know, I am pretty good at visualizing a finished space.

Once again, you have provided us with top notch service and we appreciate all the time and energy that you placed into the renderings and plans and in finish ideas that made this project an astounding reality. The final result is a true testament to your abilities!

Thank you for your continuing assistance in making our visions a reality.

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We have hosted in our home, celebrities such as President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu.Nina and I have tried to present a beautiful environment that would be enjoyed by everyone.We are pleased to recommend Barbara Cortney's outstanding work as a superbly professional designer. With her talent, Barbara has given us a home that is truly admired by the hundreds that have visited over the years.

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For 2 and 1/2 years, almost daily, I look around and am pleased with the beauty of my apartment.

I remember when I moved from a 15 room house to a 4 room apartment how well Barbara Cortney had my move organized. She walked through my house and made notes. She walked through my new apartment and made notes. She drew a blueprint of my new apartment. She labeled each of my belongings which she wanted me to move to my new apartment and she entered the numbers on the new blueprint showing where each item would go.

Barbara chose the colors and supervised the painting of my new apartment.

When moving day came she gave a copy of the blueprint to the movers. The move was fast and easy because of the blueprint. I want to recommend Barbara because of her organizational ability and her decorating ability - especially her work with colors. She is a genius with colors. She works quickly and thoroughly.

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Building a new home can be a worrisome time, especially when you work with a person you never knew before. Working with Barbara Cortney instantly eliminated many of those anxieties, as my thoughts were respected and questions were answered very specifically.

Sharing her creative thinking and architectural background helped to eliminate the mistakes I would have made, as well as saved me money working with the architect on many of the design details before the house was constructed. Her abilities on a multitude of levels were easily noticed and appreciated, both by my husband and myself, as well as the installers who would marvel at the beautiful details of the built-in cabinetry throughout the house.

She is a remarkable woman who shares the best of herself to bring to you the finest design work for your specific needs.

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Dear Barbara,

I want you to know that it has been a sheer delight for me working with you on our home.

You make our appointments together always fun, interesting, unusual and exciting. Your expressions are simply marvelous. You are whimsical and witty in personality, charm and talent.

Speaking of your talent, you are certainly that. You possess a feel and a flair and a creativity unsurpassed. Your scale and design always seem to be right on target. This house is a brilliant masterpiece of your talent and design. The structure was there to begin with, and you have embellished it to the very height of beauty.

Thank you for this gorgeous house that I love and enjoy immeasurably. You are rare and unique, like a diamond.

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