30+ years of Award Winning Interior Design in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida!

The designer’s role is to visually express and reflect the client’s persona in a way that is both aesthetically cohesive and functionally efficient.

Barbara Cortney ASID

Barbara Cortney ASID

Interior spaces are three-dimensional and interactive. They should be felt as well as seen. Surroundings make a statement about the occupant of that space. As a design professional, my job is to create a very particular, visually cohesive and functional environment, by infusing the space with the client’s preferences and personality.

I have dedicated myself to improving the quality of life for others by creating innovative living spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable; to continually strive for excellence as an interior designer; and to produce visually and functionally exceptional design solutions that reflect the tastes and lifestyle of each client. The partnering of contemporary lifestyle with principles of good design and energy enhancement, always results in an increased feeling of harmony and well-being.

The thing to remember about working with a design consultant is that a trained eye can provide just the right recommendations for solving spatial and/or topical problems that the average person may not ever have considered on their own.

My Specialties Include...

  • sculpting the interior space
  • flow & planning
  • color and materials coordination
  • furnishing & merchandising
  • residential staging
  • executive relocation
  • residential and corporate downsizing

I have been providing exclusive interior design services in South Florida since 1981 and in my experience, interior design is an organic process that evolves with development. The most important factors are knowing the intended uses for the space and the feeling you want it to evoke when you occupy the space. Lifestyle of the occupants, timing and costs are the other critical elements when designing an interior. You need clarity, planning and direction to produce the desired result.

I personally lead every client through the developmental process and interface with the other design professionals involved with the project, to ensure that the architectural elements support the overall intention of the finished project, in a timely and efficient manner. Proper guidance in the beginning means fewer changes and retrofits as construction progresses. Whether your project requires full planning or simple consulting, call me to discuss the services I can provide for you.


Barbara C. Cortney, ASID
Florida License #ID0000049